Countries which should not exist


Created: 1880

Languages: PashtoDari (“Afghan Persian”), and in addition, several regional and minority languages

Borders: Pakistan, Iran, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan

Host to wars: First, Second and Third Anglo-Afghan war, Afghan Civil Wars, Soviet-Afghan war, USA-Afghan war


Created: 1991

Languages: Urkrainian, Russian, Crimean Tatar, Krymchak, Karaim, Urum and 13 recognized minority languages

Borders: Russia, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Black Sea

Host to wars: Crimea, Donbas


Created: 1830

Languages: Dutch, French, German

Borders: Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg

Host to wars: Napoleon, WWI, WWII

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