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Covid numbers with lockdown and vaccination


10 cases in NSW on 8 June

40 cases in NSW on 27 June after 19 days

80 cases in NSW on 11 July after 15 days

150 cases in NSW on 22 July after 11 days

300 cases in NSW on 6 August after 15 days

600 cases in NSW on 18 August after 12 days

1300 cases in NSW on 29 August after 11 days

1405 cases in NSW on 10 September after 11 days

1022 cases in NSW on 21 September after 11 days

???? cases in NSW on 2 October after 11 days

In Victoria

75 cases in Vic on 29 August

324 cases in Vic on 10 September after 11 days

603 cases in Vic on 21 September after 11 days

??? cases in Vic on 2 October after 11 days

In New Zealand

10 cases in NZ on 12 August

40 cases in NZ on 23 August after 11 days

80 cases in NZ on 29 August after 6 days

13 cases in NZ on 10 September after 11 days

14 cases in NZ on 21 September after 11 days

?? cases in NZ on 2 October after 11 days

Countries which should not exist


Created: 1880

Languages: PashtoDari (“Afghan Persian”), and in addition, several regional and minority languages

Borders: Pakistan, Iran, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan

Host to wars: First, Second and Third Anglo-Afghan war, Afghan Civil Wars, Soviet-Afghan war, USA-Afghan war


Created: 1991

Languages: Urkrainian, Russian, Crimean Tatar, Krymchak, Karaim, Urum and 13 recognized minority languages

Borders: Russia, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Black Sea

Host to wars: Crimea, Donbas


Created: 1830

Languages: Dutch, French, German

Borders: Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg

Host to wars: Napoleon, WWI, WWII

Nationale feestdag van Belgie, 21ste jullie

After fighting for independence from the United Kingdom of Netherlands, the mostly Roman Catholic Dutch and French speakers to the south decided to become a constitutional monarchy. After a few failed attempts at headhunting a monarch, Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha agreed to become King Leopold I of Belgium.

He had been living in Marlborough House in London after the death of his wife, Princess Charlotte of Wales, who had been the second in line to the British throne.

King Leopold was crowned on 21st July 1831.