Walking billboards

Maybe a desirable by-product of the Israel Folau debate will be fewer sponsors for games.

I once saw a baseball game in Yankee stadium and it was a great experience. I was surprised how little advertising was on the jerseys of the players compared to here (see photos below for a footballing comparison)
Someone told me a reason was conflicts between sponsors of the stadium, teams and individual players. In any case it made the whole game more picturesque.

Incidentally, many of the sponsors names on jerseys here represent some of the other reasons in Galatians and other places in the Bible for going to hell. I haven’t seen the names of many alcohol, gambling and usuary institutions written on the shirts of Italian football players. They tend to be manufacturers of things like mineral water, cars, or milk.

Are we becoming the addicts’ country, not the lucky country?

Safe Space Opera: your tiny hand is a bit cool

I came across the attached report in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

Local directors want to censor or rewrite operas to remove violence towards, and stereotypes of women.
Of course I fully support this, provided the same sensitivity applies to men (eg the hero of Aida who is buried alive, and Don Giovanni who falls down a pit into hell because he is a fornicator…Israel Folau would like that one).
I would especially support this if it resulted in banning Wagner operas, which I regard as conclusive proof that Hell exists. I recently read an advertisement for a 5 hour performance of Die Walkure, which is near enough to eternal punishment for me.
This plan should extend to other branches of the sexist art world, such as Shakespeare and fairy tales. Also any novel by Jane Austen or a Brontë, which are all full of gold digging females looking for a man with a large property portfolio.

The future is looking better and better.