Grass Hutchie

I’m not sure what the temperature is here in Helsinki. It’s certainly cold, but walking around the streets is still possible. Plenty of people are shopping here.

When the plane landed at 6am, the pilot said the temperature was -8C.

But later, when I was having a falafel for lunch, the man in the shop told me that his phone app said it was -15C, but feels like -30C, with wind chill factor included.

I’m wearing a jumper, coat and overcoat, which seems to keep me warm. I have looked at coats in the shops, they are all having sales, with 30% reductions, because they are getting ready to sell summer clothes. I’m surprised that hardly any of the coats I have seen are really thick, they are about the same as the one I have.

From my observation, the women, both young and old, wear warmer clothes than the men here. Women often wear a hat as well as a warm hood attached to their jacket and also a scarf. Men often have a thin scarf and no hat. I thought women could withstand pain better than men!

I did have to buy another scarf to keep my neck warm.

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