Political history museum

I visited the Political history museum yesterday. To get there, go to gorskovaya metro

Turn right at the mosque

Past the wedding in the stretch limo

To the entrance of the museum

It is a very interesting museum of Russian politics, from attempts to liberate the serfs under the Romanov Tsars, to the revolution, Lenin, then Stalin, then to recent politics up to Putin.

Lots of letters, photos, videos and artefacts

The museum is in a palace, which became the office of Lenin. He used to address crowds from this balcony

Lots of history, which is still happening.

2 thoughts on “Political history museum

  1. Hi Paul

    Enjoying your blog and loving the photos – amazing architecture and history. The snow is beautiful. Hope you are warm!!

    Sincerely Cheryl



    1. It is beautiful Cheryl. With the right clothes, the temperature is no big problem, and not so many tourists.
      Is the first meeting of HDD this week?


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