No-one can get any sleep

At the opening ceremony of Euro 2020 in Rome, Andrea Bocelli sang the popular anthem “no-one can get any sleep…”

Never a truer word was sung, especially from Australia, where the matches start at either 11pm, 2am or 5am.

But I am sorry, Andrea, Luciano Pavarotti is the king of Big Canto, as you can hear in the first few minutes of this summary of World Cup 1990:

The “Sicilian eyes” of the sensation from Palermo, Salvatore Schillaci.

There was so much to remember from 1990, as well as Salvatore, super sub Roger Milla from the Lions of Cameroon, St Jack Charlton, patron saint and coach of the Republic of Ireland, some final fireworks from Maradona etc, etc

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