Leaving Sorrento, on the 30 minute ferry trip to Capri
The spruiker lay in wait to offer us a €18 ride around the island in this, but why not?
The Blue grotto is on the eastern side, but we couldn’t swim into it, thank goodness. Anyway, it was very windy and cold on the top deck, but this is the Green grotto on the sunny eastern side
See? It’s green
This is where the rich people live, on the east side of the island, away from the westie tourists on the other side
The guide said this is the shot they use for postcards
The White grotto. The guide pointed out that this demonstrates the 3 types of weathering. From the bottom up: sea, wind, water (producing stalactites)
I took the bus up to the main town and found this church
View from the bus station in town. (PS I didn’t take a photo of the Tiberius cliffs where he threw people he didn’t like)
Fun fact: in 1908 Vladimir Lenin planned to run courses in revolution and social change on Capri. A good spot for it, comrade.

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