Previously I have stayed on the bus to Amalfi, but now I am visiting Positano
The church of the Assumption
Congratulations are in order
On the beach
Excavations under the present day church. This is a Roman villa that was covered by ash from the eruption of Vesuvius
A mausoleum that was later built over the then hidden villa. The seats were where the bodies of the monks were dessicated. The bodies were removed in the 1980’s
A second excavation is of an early church. This then became the crypt of a medieval church above. That was expanded to become the present day church. The hole in the roof of the crypt was used to lower the bodies of the dead monks after the funeral. This crypt/mortuary was discovered in the 1960’s by the parish priest. He expected to find the crypt but also discovered the bodies of the monks in the mausoleum which had been added to the crypt.

Some artifacts which were discovered in the original Roman holiday villa. The guide said that there are certainly many other Roman villas under the streets and houses of Positano but they have only been able to excavate the one under the Church of the Assumption.

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